2018 World Cup China vs South Korea Time China-Korea Battle 19-30 March 23

2018 World Cup China vs South Korea time China-South Korea battle at 19:30 on March 23
On March 23, the 2018 Russia World Cup qualifying round of the Asian Top 12 will be rekindled, and the Chinese national team will welcome their 6th round opponent, the South Korean team, at the Helong Sports Center in Changsha.Due to the current impact of the Sadr incident, news of boycotts of Lotte, Korean products, and even protests in South Korea have spread widely in various media. Relevant extreme hatred for South Korea is mixed with it. It is difficult to tell the truth.Therefore, the Hunan Provincial Sports Bureau officially issued a proposal on the 16th, hoping that the majority of fans can watch the game in a civilized manner and treat wins and losses rationally.  Battle of China and South Korea    Time: 19:30, March 23 Venue: Changsha Helong Sports Center Extended Reading: World Preliminaries China-Korea Wars South Korea No. 19 Huang Xican kicked live video online (picture) World Preliminaries

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