What are the benefits of playing Tai Chi?

Buck and lipid lowering

What are the benefits of playing Tai Chi?
Buck and lipid lowering

The Tai Chi, antihypertensive and lipid-lowering researchers analyzed 35 studies involving data from 2,249 participants from 10 countries.

The study found that in patients with cardiovascular disease, traditional Chinese exercise can help reduce systolic blood pressure (high pressure) and diastolic blood pressure (low pressure), the highest decline in the former.

12 mm Hg, with an average drop of more than 5 mm Hg.

It has also been found that traditional Chinese exercise can generally reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins and triglycerides in the practitioners.

In addition, the report pointed out that in China’s cardiovascular disease patients, practicing traditional exercise methods can improve the quality of life and reduce psychological stress.

The research director also said that these exercise methods have not been confirmed in this study to improve heart rate or improve aerobic exercise levels.

In the next step, the research team will conduct a more in-depth study of the effects of chronic diseases in traditional sports.

In addition, the Harvard Medical Center in the United States also recommended traditional Chinese sports such as Tai Chi as a healthy exercise.

Even people with special physical conditions, such as those in wheelchairs, are recommended because they can help people build muscle strength, improve body posture and balance.

A long-term panacea

A long-term panacea

Legend has it that an old Chinese doctor in China, Li Qingyun (1677-1933), who has enjoyed 256 years, is a Chinese medicine scholar at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, and is also a famous longevity old man in the world.

When he was 100 years old, he was awarded a special award by the government for his outstanding achievements in traditional Chinese medicine. When he was 200 years old, he often went to university to give lectures.

During this time he has received many Western scholars’ visits.

Li Qingyun has lived through 24 wives and his sons and grandchildren. He believes that he has three reasons for his health and longevity: a long-term vegetarian diet, two quiet, cheerful, and three years of cooking water.

  After receiving this news, medical researchers in the United Kingdom and France conducted an in-depth study on sputum and found that sputum contains a vitamin that has not been seen, and it is called “vitamin X”, also known as “vitamin vitamin”.””.

It has been confirmed by animal experiments that strontium inhibits the accumulation of tiny substances in the fibers, promotes the regeneration of hepatocytes, and lowers blood sugar and plasma.

The role of rejuvenation is to activate and regenerate brain cells and endocrine glands, enhance the secretion of hormones, and remove the toxins accumulated in the blood, thus maintaining the normal function of various tissues and organs in the body.

  And no matter whether Li Qingyun is over 200 years old, it is true or false, but it can be proved that the effect of longevity is much longer.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has long recognized that 祛 延 益 益 枸杞 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延

  Research by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences has confirmed that sputum can improve human immunity, can reduce the side effects of cyclophosphamide in anti-tumor treatment, promote the recovery of hematopoietic function, increase the number of white blood cells in the surrounding blood, and protect the body.

  In addition, sputum inhibits mouse deposition in hepatocytes, prevents liver in mice, promotes hepatocyte regeneration, and inhibits monoamine oxidase activity.

  Western medicine has proved the powerful effect of cockroaches. Modern civilization has found that cockroaches contain at least five alkaloids based on betaine, dozens of sterols, 16 trace elements and multiple vitamins. (Carotene is almost all foods.The highest content), 3 fatty acids, 16 amino acids.

A lot of glycerin carbonate.

  According to the latest research by British scientists, natural beta carotene can resist old age, fight cancer and prevent sun damage.

Scientists believe that free radicals are inert factors produced by human metabolism and are active agents for aging and canceration of the body.

And beta carotene can eliminate the malignant effect of eliminating free radicals, so it is a variety of ideal dietary factors to delay aging.

Research has shown that if the diet contains a lot of carotene, the incidence of certain cancers can be greatly reduced, especially in the mouth, lungs, prostate, skin and liver cancer.

At the same time, beta carotene urinary enhancement enhances the body’s immune system function.

  There are many methods and methods for taking diet and eating hazelnuts. The annual diet supplement culture has given birth to a variety of prescriptions for the main medicines of medlar.

The following double rooms are practical and easy to learn for some medicated diet recipes for readers.

  Grass Dragon Ball Honey Juice Hazelnut: Hazelnut, 20 grams of longan meat, 50 grams of raisins, 20 grams of honey, 200 grams of pineapple.

All the above are washed with clean water, steamed into a small bowl and added with honey and steam into the steamer for 20 minutes.

Changfu longevity, full of vitality, qi and nourishing.

  Ointment: Hazelnuts, hazelnuts, black sesame seeds, 50 grams of peach kernels, honey, the amount of honey, chopped fruit, peach kernels chopped, hazelnuts, black sesame washed water and soaked in the pot, the fire is boiling, the small fire boil 20Minutes, take the decoction 1 time, add water and cook for a total of 3 times, combine the decoction, concentrate with a small fire to the cream, add 1 part of the honey Serve, cool the bottle for use, Yifei kidney tonic, flatIt is used for asthma in patients with advanced lung cancer and weak constitution.

Ringing the sexual alarm of a fat boy

Ringing the sexual alarm of a fat boy

Chinese scholars have analyzed the semen of pre-marital males in urban and rural areas. The results show that the number of sperm and activity in rural youths far exceeds that of urban youth.

This shows that the quality of semen in urban youth is significantly degraded.

This shocking fact has raised some new problems for improving the quality of the urban population, and has sounded the alarm that educators must pay attention to “strongness.”

Sex is the source of human life and an inviolable part of humanity.

  Imagine that a young man’s other physical development is completely normal. Only when there are problems in sexual physiology and sexual psychology, and there is no man’s grace and can’t live a normal sex life. How painful it is?

Regardless of domestic or foreign, such patients have high suicide rates in the face of marital problems.

People can’t help but ask, where is the root cause of this problem?

  Relevant experts believe that the key is the “egg shell life” that has evolved.

The so-called “egg shell life” refers to the children’s life is too rich and affluent, the excessive consumption of fat meat, meat products, eggs and beverages, a large number of aunts and sugar into the body of the child’s development, combined with the waste of labor and exerciseTo cause obesity, children become more and more obese, the amount of activity is less and less, forming a vicious circle, and at the same time forming lazy, capricious and other bad personality and physical development obstacles, many people call it “obese infant syndrome.”

  Why can obesity cause abnormal development of boys?

It is generally believed that obesity causes the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland to be fattyized, even lost, and can not release male hormones, and the testicles shrink, the penis does not develop, the formation of small secretory pills, the lack of small penis and secondary sexual characteristics, feminization and other pathological conditions.

It is also believed that from a small obesity, the insulin pill interstitial is infiltrated by a small number of cells, thereby affecting the function of interstitial cells to produce androgen.

Relevant experts remind parents to avoid obesity from childhood.

  The key measure is to restore the green diet of nature like a rural child, let the children eat more vegetables, fruits, eat or eat less meat, do not drink or drink less sugary drinks.

In addition, it is to increase the opportunities for sports and labor, so that they can actively participate in the housework that they can do and let them grow up in the wind and rain of nature.

For children who are obese, they should go to the relevant specialist hospital for examination. If abnormalities should be treated early, the brakes should return to normal sexual function as soon as possible.

Hiding plants for you to drug at home

Hiding plants for you to “drug” at home

As everyone knows, “flowers are strong in drug use and indoor air is excellent.” For the ordinary people who are financially conscious, they may wish to raise a few pots of flowers and plants indoors, beautify the environment, cultivate the sentiments, and purify the air simply and effectively.
  In recent years, due to the increasing number of building decoration materials used in interior decoration, the indoor environmental pollution caused by formaldehyde and benzene decoration has become more and more serious, and it has become a new killer threatening human health.
Although the current so-called nano-technical photocatalyst claims to be 99.
99% of the air purification, its actual utility is really difficult to distinguish.
  A more economical and effective green detoxification method is becoming more and more recognized by people.
The strength of flower drug use is strong, and the indoor air becomes excellent. For ordinary people who are economical, it is advisable to raise a few pots of flowers and plants indoors, which not only beautifies the environment, cultivates sentiment, but also purifies the air easily and effectively.
  ●Satay orchid ●Purification index: ★★★★★ The leaves of the spider plant are slender and soft, and the small plants are planted from the leaf axils. The pots hang down, stretch and sag, like flowers, evergreen, and have the reputation of flying fairy.
  Drug-taking ability: Chlorophytum ranks first in many plants that absorb toxic substances.
According to tests, in a room of 8 to 10 square meters, as long as a pot of spider plant is placed, it can absorb 86% of formaldehyde in one day; carbon monoxide, which can be emitted from indoor electrical appliances, plastic products, paints and gas.Harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides are absorbed and decomposed into harmless substances, and can also decompose benzene emitted from copiers and printers, and devour nicotine.
  ●Ivy ? Purification index: ★★★★★ Ivy is a perennial evergreen vine with leaves alternate, its leaves are oval or broadly ovate, the branches are thin and soft, and can climb on other objects.
  Drug addiction: Ivy is one of the most effective plants for absorbing benzene.
It is understood that a pot of ivy can swallow 90% of the benzene in a room of 8 to 10 square meters, which can deal with bacteria and other harmful substances brought back from the outside, and even absorb dust that is difficult to absorb even with a vacuum cleaner.
  ● Iron tree ● Purification index: ★ ★ ★ ★ Iron tree is an evergreen tree, stems are thick and cylindrical, without branches, with thick veins and scales.
The leaves are clustered at the top of the stem, and the large pinnately compound leaves are closely arranged. The leaflets are short and narrow, showing a keel shape.
  Drug abuse: Iron tree is the master of indoor benzene pollution. It has been calculated that iron tree can remove 80% of benzene released from cigarettes and man-made fibers, and can effectively decompose formaldehyde present in carpets, insulating materials, plywood and hidden in wallpaper.A xylene that is harmful to the kidneys.

Excessive hydration hurts your stomach?

Excessive hydration hurts your stomach?

Under normal circumstances, adults drink 1000-1500 ml of water per day.

Among them, it includes both the water we drink directly, and the water contained in the food.

It should be pointed out that the amount of drinking water should vary from person to person. For example, people who are tall and strong should have a little more water per day. When the temperature is high, some people should sweat more and drink more water.

  Furthermore, certain diseases, such as fever, chronic inflammation, constipation, and diabetes, should increase the amount of water appropriately.

To put it bluntly, it is to drink water should “follow the feeling, get used to go”, as long as there are no problems such as thirst, yellow urine, constipation, etc., do not deliberately irritate.

  Of course, people are not sensitive to dry mouth reaction is an objective fact, so it is recommended that they must drink a cup of warm water after getting up early, can convert blood, clean the stomach and stomach, and help metabolism waste excretion.

  In this case, this practice is to remind the elderly every morning, do not forget to drink water.

In fact, in addition to warm water, morning soy milk, low-fat or skim milk, rushed oatmeal also has a hydrating effect.

In the daytime, it is better to drink green tea in principle. If it is a weaker or poor stomach, it is recommended to use black tea or fermented Pu’er tea. Its warmth is good for warming the stomach, helping digestion, and reducing blood fat.
  In the evening, you can get used to drinking water without drinking water. You don’t need to deliberately replenish water, and you don’t need to drink water because you are afraid of getting up at night.

It is necessary to remind you not to drink plenty of water and drink soup before or during meals, because it is to drink before meals or after meals. Excessive water will replace stomach acid, so that the elderly can reduce the stomach acid secretion.Adding to the snow, causing indigestion.

  In addition, since the water is absorbed, the blood becomes thinner and the blood volume increases, which will increase the burden on the heart, so that patients with heart failure should control the amount of drinking water; the kidney shoulder is responsible for drainage, such as excessive drinking water, which will also increase its burden, soPatients with kidney disease such as renal failure can not drink too much water, especially a large amount of drinking water at one time. It is recommended to determine the amount of water to drink under the guidance of a doctor.

It is better to maintain health before meals than to eat after meals.

It is better to maintain health before meals than to eat after meals.

Some people pay great attention to post-prandial health care. In fact, many health care measures are not scientific after the meal, and if these health care methods are moved from after meals to meals, the effect will be better.

Before the exercise, the belly is hollow, and there is no new fatty acid in the cell. The movement can “mobilize” it into a series and consume it.

Take a quick walk or jog for 1 hour before meals for 30 to 45 minutes. The effect is better than after a meal.

Fruits eaten into the human body after fruit will be blocked in the stomach by the food that is eaten first, causing fermentation reaction and even corruption, causing people to have flatulence, constipation and other symptoms, which will have adverse effects on digestive function.

If you take the time to eat fruit before meals, it is good for the immune system, and eating fruit after a meal does not have this health effect.

After a nap in the basket of fresh organic fruits in the garden, the blood is poured into the opposite direction to help digest the food, so that the blood flowing to the brain and limbs is reduced, the brain and limbs are not getting enough oxygen and nutrients, and lactic acid and other metabolismThe product can not be discharged in time, and it is easy to cause symptoms of indigestion.

If you change to sleep before eating, eat some fruit or drink a cup of milk, go to bed for half an hour to 1 hour, and then go to lunch, this lunch break can more effectively eliminate fatigue.

Young happy women drink milk and drink soup Many people are used to eating rice and then drinking soup, and drinking soup before meals can give the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines and other foods the necessary way to add “pressurization”, so that food can go smoothlyPharynx to reduce the stimulation of the digestive tract mucosa by hard foods.

What is the medicine for acute enteritis?

What is the medicine for acute enteritis?

Indications for acute enteritis: acute enteritis, bacterial dysentery, intestinal typhoid, gastrointestinal colds, etc. are not resolved.

Table existing: fever diarrhea, abdominal pain, do not think about diet, chest irritability, dry mouth thirst, red tongue yellow, pulse number or actuation.

  Acute enteritis square name: Qilian Qingchang soup Case: Liu, male, 23 years old, eating irregular, sudden diarrhea, chest pain, hot, dry mouth, thirsty, sweating, red tongue, yellow, pulse.
After taking fluticanic acid and berberine for 3 days, the effect was not obvious.

Considering acute enteritis, Qilian Qingchang Decoction is given.

  Recipe: Astragalus, Pueraria, woody, musk 10 grams each, berberine, licorice 3 grams each.

  Usage: Decoction 2 times, combine and mix the decoction, take 2 times.

  Efficacy: Qingchang diarrhea, double solution.

  Indications: acute enteritis, bacterial dysentery, intestinal typhoid, chronic cold, etc.

Table existing: fever diarrhea, abdominal pain, do not think about diet, chest irritability, dry mouth thirst, red tongue yellow, pulse number or actuation.

  Efficacy: This side is better for acute enteritis.

It usually takes 2 days to take effect and 3-4 days to heal.

  Note: The mild diarrhea can be supplemented with sugar and saline while taking this side.

If there is high fever and diarrhea is serious, please go to the hospital.

Some acute diarrhea (such as traveler’s diarrhea, commonly known as “water and soil dissatisfaction”) has no obvious thermal image, it is best to use the proprietary Chinese medicine pure Yangzhengqi pill.

If the chronic diarrhea caused by the cold constitution, this party is hanged.

  Treatment of hair loss prescription name: Shengfa drinking prescription: raw land, rehmannia, arborvitae leaves, Eucommia, sinensis each 15 grams, 20 grams of angelica, black sesame 21 grams, 25 grams of Shouwu, bell grass 30 grams.

  Usage: Add the appropriate amount of water to the above traditional Chinese medicine, boil for 30 minutes, then use a small fire for 20 minutes, a total of 2 times, combined to dissolve 300 ml, divided into 3 times after meals orally; even served 20-30 doses.

  Efficacy: kidney, nourishing, hair growth.

  Indications: Yin blood deficiency type hair loss.

  Description: Hair loss is a refractory disease, and 30 doses of Shengfa drink can achieve satisfactory results.

There is a saying: “Yang deficiency is easy to cure, yin deficiency is difficult to treat,” only if it takes time to work.

  Addition and subtraction: hair loss with liver and kidney yin deficiency, and qi and blood is not alive, qi stagnation and blood stasis, should add safflower, peach kernel, Chuanxiong each 10 grams, red peony 15 grams to promote blood stasis;Dry, Yijiadanpi, 蝉衣, Chuanxiong, 10 grams of windproof, 15 grams of scorpion, white sable, and increase the amount of raw land, rehmannia, nourishing and moistening; no matter what type of hair loss syndrome,Anyone with itchy skin should add 10-15 grams of pollen, white skin and Kochia scoparia, and often 3-5 doses can relieve itching.

Eight taboos of life

Eight taboos of life

One bogey out of the early winter morning, the penetration is the lowest temperature of the day, so going out is most likely to cause a cold, and even cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so the elderly should choose to exercise after 10 o’clock in the morning.

  If the sun is too long, it will damage the skin and damage the natural barrier of the human body. The harmful chemical substances in the atmosphere and microorganisms may invade the human body and cause infection, which may cause vision loss.

  Three bogey laundry over long winter air dry and cold, many elderly skin dry desquamation, tearing, mistakenly thought it is due to unclean, so wash once a day, the result is more dry skin, more dry and desquamation.

In fact, it is best for the elderly to take a bath once every 5 or 6 days in winter.

  Four bogey activities over the script The appropriate sports are an important means of strengthening the body, preventing disease and resisting the elderly, but the elderly should not be engaged in sports, and choose appropriate sports such as jogging, cycling, and Tai Chi.

If after exercise, dizziness, headache, limb weakness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, insomnia and more dreams, it means that the amount of exercise is too large, we must pay attention to reduce the amount of exercise, and even temporarily stop exercising.

  Five bogey heating loss winter cold, the elderly are afraid of cold, like to use a hot water bottle close to the body, this will cause skin erythema or burns, so as long as you reach 18-25.

  Six taboos sleep, some elderly people like to sleep in winter, thinking that this can be warmer, but do not know that the oxygen content in the nest will gradually reduce, and carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases gradually increase, so that normal breathing exercise is affected, and even causedChoking, or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease due to hypoxia.

Therefore, the correct way to sleep is: right lateral position, low pillow, head exposed, and both legs flexed and stretched.

  Seven bogey, good wine, winter, old people like to chat while watching TV while smoking, because the winter is closed, the smoke is not easy to disperse, very harmful to the human body.

The coefficient of influence of long-term smog accumulation on the human body.

Some elderly people like to drink alcohol to keep out the cold, often addicted to the cup, drunk.

Due to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, the body is deficient after drinking, and the evil of the outer cold is attacked, and the cold and heat are mixed, causing damage to the heart, brain and lungs.

  If you have a cold, cough, headache, or panic, you must treat it in time to prevent it from happening.

Treat sex as the best decompression medicine

Treat sex as the best decompression medicine

Experts tell you that sex is a good medicine for decompression.


hzh {display: none; }  促进大脑分泌内啡肽  每个人都有想逃避现实的时候,面对一个具体压力时更是如此。Stuttgart Burundi, a psychologist at the University of Paisley in the UK, has studied the relationship between stress and sexual life very deeply.

He believes that although passion is the most beautiful part of sex, some people ignore neglect, and sex will bring a calm physiological feeling: after the passion, they will sleep together, sucking each other’s breath, and the two hearts will be close together.People relax and rest.

If you are going to face a huge test right away, then the best way to reduce the effect is to linger with your lover.

  When faced with work stress and emotional problems, not only will our brains be nervous, but our bodies will also become stiff.

Sex can be aware of the warmth between the hands and the skin and promote the secretion of endorphins in the brain.

This is a chemical that makes you feel happy and calms your mood.

Moreover, the pleasant feeling of a one-time climax will last up to 7 days, just like letting the body sing.

  Seeing that many people in Stuttgart can’t help but ask, in real life, the substitute person loses the “sex” interest because of the psychological pressure. Isn’t this a kind of contradiction with “decompression with sex?”

  Abstinence will be counterproductive. Stuttgart also noticed this.

After comparing the decompression effects of masturbation, vaginal intercourse, masturbation and abstinence for four different sexual lifestyles, he pointed out that husband and wife life is the best way to theoretically decompression, but in real life, masturbation is better.

It has minimal physical exertion and there is no need to worry about whether the partner has reached a climax and is more likely to be fully engaged.

  However, for some people who are guilty of masturbation, the degree of pleasure brought by masturbation gradually, the faster the excitement fades, the deeper the guilt, and the regret and anxiety will bringMore pressure.

Therefore, those who cannot accept the concept of masturbation must not rush to try this “decompression method.”

  In second place is masturbation for a partner.

Stuttgart believes that it is true that the “perfectionism” that adheres to the climax is correct, but the methods can be varied.

Masturbating for a partner, also does not cost any physical strength, caress, sexual fantasies and body stimuli is like a climax switch, let the brain continue to create a pleasant endorphin, let sexual impulses flow into the blood vessels, the pressure is thusThe body has been “replaced”.

  Although the normal couple life is not as good as the former two, it is also a good way to lower the blood pressure and calm the mood.

  The last one is completely abstinence.

These people are completely uncomfortable and will be uneasy all night.

Because of the need to ignore the body, the pressure will only make people tremble.

Lichun health, sleep late, get up early, spiritual foot

Lichun health, sleep late, get up early, spiritual foot

Lichun Health is sleeping in the morning and getting up early in the morning. Spring is the first solar eclipse in the 24 solar terms.

On the occasion of spring back to the earth, the old Chinese medicine reminded that the first spring should pay attention to the principle of raising liver and protecting the sun.

In spring, there are yang qi, the characteristics of all things, and the human body is also qi and blood.

Among them, liver is wood, wood is hair growth in spring, so liver can protect yang.

In the spring season, the physiological changes of the human body are mainly: first, the qi and blood activities are strengthened, and the metabolism begins to flourish; second, the liver is the main blood, the function of the liver main omission is gradually strengthened, and the human spirit activities are beginning to become active.

Therefore, in the spring, health care has to raise the liver.

The ancients have a saying, “Full damage, lack of profit”, is in the leaves of plants in autumn and winter, collecting nutrients, spring germination in general, after the accumulation of energy through the autumn, in the spring and summer, the people’s veins began to function.The body has to start releasing energy.

The role of the liver in the five internal organs is just the main venting and release, so spring can form the liver as the general principle.

Spring and autumn and autumn should pay attention to the spring health first advocated to sleep late and get up early, experts believe that in early spring, sleep should follow the principle of “sleep late, get up early, and enjoy the day”.

How to get up early and get up early?

Experts believe that even sleeping at night, you must go to bed before 11 o’clock in the evening, in the morning, you can get up earlier than the winter, go for a walk outside, relax.

In the spring, it is best to open the window and ventilate the dirty air inside the room.

1, sleep late, get up early, the spirit of the spring, the climate is characterized by the wind.

In the early spring, it was mainly caused by wind and cold evil, and after the late spring, it was caused by wind and evil.

Therefore, spring is a disease for wind evil.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “The wind is the beginning of a hundred diseases.

“Because several other evils are implanted into the human body, such as cold evil, hot evil, wet evil.”

Especially in the spring of this spring, wind evil can enter the human body by invading the body surface to open the pores, especially attacking the parts of the body where the yang is concentrated, such as the buttocks, head, upper limbs, etc.

If the wind evil goes to the surface of the human body, it will cause urticaria, rash, itchy skin and other problems. If you run to the head, it will cause headaches, and you will get sleepy all day. When you run to the joints, it will cause joint pain and run into the muscles.Can cause muscle soreness and so on.

Therefore, many people feel that their legs are heavy and weak in the spring. This is the reason.

2, spring and autumn and autumn should pay attention to the early spring season, especially when warm and cold, pay special attention to spring and autumn, it is best not to reduce clothing too early, still should pay attention to keep warm, wind.

Spring must pay special attention to keeping warmth on the head, feet, neck and hands. Otherwise, it is easy to reduce the body’s immunity and lead to disease invasion.

In general, 15 seconds is a critical value.

Below this temperature, it is best to continue to endure the inconvenience caused by heavy clothing; and when it exceeds this temperature, you can consider taking off your clothes.

If you don’t feel the throat hot and sweaty when you are squatting, don’t rush to undress even if the temperature is higher than 15 seconds. If you feel sweaty, you may want to change your clothes earlier. Otherwise,”It’s sweating, but if it’s blown by the cold wind, it’s easy to catch cold.

The temperature difference between day and night is also one of the criteria for judging “捂” and not “捂”.

In the early spring, you should pay more attention to the weather forecast, and understand the temperature changes one or two days in advance, and increase or decrease the clothing appropriately.

This can, to a certain extent, cause the body to be stimulated by cold air, thereby reducing the incidence of disease.

Especially when the weather forecast predicts that the temperature difference between day and night is more than 7-10 months, it should be careful to prevent cold.