Tang Wei premiered the TV series Da Ming Feng Hua, actually speaking about the royal family short of parents

Tang Wei premiered the TV series “Da Ming Feng Hua”, actually speaking about the royal family “short of parents”
“Da Ming Feng Hua” tells the history of the Ming Dynasty, the country created a prosperous world, and Yangwei overseas. It records the magnificent history of the Ming Dynasty from Yongle Dynasty to Tianshun Dynasty.In the past historical dramas, “Da Ming Feng Hua” avoids the heavy and sorrowful perspective, and places the strokes on the Zhu family. Through the interesting daily interactions and interactions between the generations of the Zhu family, the complex emotional entanglement and redemption show China.Traditional family culture.Zhang Ting, director of the show, said that “short for parents” is an entry point for the play. The best name for this play should be “Daming’s First Family”.Tang Wei and Zhu Yawen worked together to interpret the Ming Dynasty story.The picture comes from the network Sun Ruowei, Zhu Zhunji met each other, and in the plot that premiered last night, an act of arresting Jing Jing’s orphans made Sun Ruowei (Tang Wei) and Zhu Zhanji (Zhu Yawen) go wrong.Meet and meet.Sun Ruowei, who was her daughter, appeared in men’s clothing, and it was hard to hide the heroic spirit between her hands and feet; Zhu Zhanji appeared in a flying fish suit, and the masculine and handsome appearance was praised by Sun Ruowei as “hornet’s waist, mantis legs”.The two met for the first time staged a “commercial bluff” drama, combined with the hidden clues behind them, can not help but wonder what kind of story the two will have next.In the next plot, the prince (Liang Guanhua) claimed to save people in the face of the old minister who was stubborn in the battle of Jingnan, and the Han King (Yu Haoming) advocated forever for the future. The two brothers in the big family were in the courtAll of them have turned into debating contestants, bringing wonderful “debating routines”.Hu Shanxiang (Deng Jiajia), who was forced to break up with his sister Sun Ruowei and was rescued by Zhu Zhanji, will be brought up by a female officer. There will also be a dispute with Zhu Zhanji.Sun Ruowei (Tang Wei).The picture comes from the family of the Zhu family on the Internet. The current real life “Daming Fenghua” shows delicate portraits of people. The arrogant Han Wang also has a cute side. It is also strong as a prince. The emperor above 10,000 people will also worry about family affairs.The favored Emperor Taisun lacks a sense of security . In the grand historical background, the “Ming Dynasty family” in the hall of the communist country is that the slapstick and laughter in life are restored one by one, and the Zhu family is a traditional Chinese family.Condensed, also observed the current real life.The history of Ming Chengzu, Mingrenzong, and Mingxuanzong was cut into the short history of “parents’ short”, in the view of director Zhang Ting, in addition to the stories other than “history”, it also provided a possibility for future generations to guess, and hope that history is ancientA dialogue with modern times, and this dialogue does not come from “sweet pet”, “big heroine”, “substitute” and “cool”.Ting Zhang said that there are some serious issues mentioned in the play. Some kind of feeling about a boy who looks down on his father. The relationship between Zhu Junji played by Zhu Yawen and his father is like this; andThe relationship between Zhu Di (Wang Xueqi) and the three sons is a multi-family relationship. The first is competing for favor, and the second is avoiding the edge; there is also the relationship between women.This formed a dialogue between historical figures and modern times.Sauna, Ye Wang editor Liu Na proofreading Zhao Lin

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