[Can babies add supplementary food to eat eggs?

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[Can babies add supplementary food to eat eggs?
】 _Baby_Can you eat

The diet of the baby is a matter of great concern to parents, especially those who are breastfeeding. They should be aware that because the baby’s body continues to grow, the basic breast milk can no longer meet the baby’s needs. It is necessary to appropriately add someComplementary food can give your baby sufficient nutrition, and the choice of complementary food is very important. Not everything can be given to the baby. For example, can a baby add a complementary food to eat eggs?

However, there are many issues that need to be considered when using eggs as complementary food for babies.

First, don’t add egg yolk to your baby when adding complementary foods.

In the people’s concept, the best choice for iron yolks is to add iron yolks at the beginning of 6 months. This is not right.

After the baby is born 6 months, the iron taken out from the mother’s body has almost reduced. For the sake of insurance, it is generally recommended that the baby should start iron supplementation in four months to add iron-rich complementary food to supplement iron.

Why not use egg yolks?

Iron absorption in egg yolk is only 3%, far exceeding lean meat and animal liver (20% iron absorption and absorption).

The second egg yolk is also one of the allergic factors for infants.

It is recommended to add it after 7 months, and gradually increase from 1/4 to 1 daily.

Second, egg whites should be eaten after 8 months.

According to the advice of infant nutrition experts, it is not advisable to eat egg white before 8 months. This is because the baby’s digestive system is not fully developed, the internal wall is relatively transparent, the protein molecules in egg white are small, and it is easy to penetrate into the blood on the body wall.Allergies, certain acute measles, bronchitis, etc.

Therefore, nutrition experts suggest that the baby should not eat egg white after 8 months.

Third, babies should not eat fried eggs.

Fried eggs. This is because the eggs are covered with oil. High-temperature oil reduces the protein scorch in the eggs, destroys the amino acids in the eggs, and greatly reduces the nutritional value.

It is not easy to digest after eating and damages the baby’s digestive system.

So it is not recommended for babies to eat fried eggs.

Eggs do have high nutritional value, but there are principles to follow when eating eggs, not the more you eat, the better.

Eating too many eggs can cause indigestion. There is also an anti-bioprotein in two-foot eggs, which can prevent the baby from absorbing nutrients and cause vitamin deficiency.

Generally speaking, children 1-2 years old need 40g of protein.

Among other foods, eat 1 or 1 per day.

5 eggs will do.