Taking the enhancing drug indiscriminately causes bone aging

Taking the “enhancing drug” indiscriminately causes bone aging

Ms. Li: My son is 13 years old, half a head shorter than a child of the same age. My father and I are not tall. I am very worried that he will not grow taller in the future. Can I give my child some medicine for heightening?
Does it work?
  Experts: There are currently two types of medicines for increasing children. One is calcium supplementation, but this must be combined with adequate sleep. If the child learns to sleep for a long period of time, the calcium supplementation may easily lead to an imbalance in the blood calcium concentration of the child and lead to bones in advanceClosed and growth stopped.
  The other is supplementary growth hormone. Parents must first take their child to a regular hospital for examination. After a series of tests, determine whether it is suitable to use growth hormone, because growth hormone is not effective for any dwarf children, and it affects the overall metabolism of the human body.To regulate the effect, if used improperly, there will be certain side effects, such as causing hypertension, hypoglycemia, and even increase the risk of tumors, so be sure to use as prescribed by your doctor.