Have you ever heard the sound of harpsichord?| Beijing News 5-minute art decompression

Have you ever heard the sound of “harpsichord”?| Beijing News 5-minute art decompression
The ninth issue of the sauna nightnet art decompression column ushered in a national musician-Kazakh musician Milan Buick, and he also signed a contract with War Horse Times Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.In this art decompression video, he will share a special national musical instrument and play this traditional national musical instrument in a completely new way.Kazakh folk musical instruments include Dongbula, Kubuzi, mouth string, Sibuzi and so on.The hang-qobuz (harpsichord) shared by Milan Buick in this video is one of the traditional instruments of the Kazakh ethnic group, and there is currently no representative song of the pure Kazakh harmonica., Imitating the speed of hunting leopard hunting, metaphorically the rapid passage of time, contrasting with the slow life of the Kazakhs in the past.The new characteristic of Milan Buick playing the mouth string in the video is in addition to the sound of the mouth string. He also produced three accompanying sounds: one is a vibrating airflow, the other is a low roar, and the third is the hiss of the throatsound.These three sounds, floating between melody and onomatopoeia, are not common in traditional oral performance.Editing / Sauna Night Net Tian Ni Ni looks a bit strange to Kazakh music. In fact, the familiar melodies of “In That Faraway Place”, “Lovely Rose” and “Maila” are all Kazakh folk songs.These songs are known to be collected and adapted by Han musicians. Although they are not labeled with Kazakhs, they also prove that Kazakhs have a gorgeous music culture.Music is a very important part of the Kazakh culture. It is said that “the horses and horses are the wings of the Kazakhs”. Life is inseparable from horses and music.Born in 1982, Milan Buick has many interesting experiences, such as learning art in Kuitun and Urumqi, participating in the famous IZ band in Beijing, performing in Turkey and Kazakhstan, and so on.Get to know Milan Buick’s music, starting with his oral performance.In every interview, the recording starts with the mouth string; the recording sequence, the mouth string is often used as the introduction song; the concert scene, the mouth string is a common prologue.Perhaps, oral music has such an introduced role.Milan Buick’s music inspiration comes from life, and then use the power of music to feed back life. Basically, like most musicians, music is healing and soothing.Milan Buick has combined ethnic elements with modern music elements in his years of creation. His latest album was also launched early. In this album “Milan Buick”, which has been polished for ten years, 11 can be heardThe songs created around the Kazakh culture even present ancient poems in modern arrangements, with ethnic elements and rock elements. If you are interested, you can listen to them on the QQ music platform.Tian Yeni, proofreader, editor of Sauna Night Net Zhang Yanjun

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